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Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore – The lion city, ultimate destination for those who want to satisfy their entire travel urge, whether it is for shopping, enjoying world class cuisine, vibrant night life, outstanding facilities for meeting venues, world class man made attractions, everything is within close proximity of one another, you’ll get to relax, enjoy the flexibility of going with the flow and truly live in the moment – whatever you choose to indulge in.

Whether you’re celebrating your marriage or looking for a place to spend some alone time with your other-half, there’s no better place to ignite the passion than in Singapore. Enjoy hot dates at various couple-friendly venues around the city by day and intimate dinners at exclusive world-class restaurants come nightfall.

With so many exciting theme parks and activities that make a memorable holiday, there’s not a dull moment to be had for you or your loved ones in Singapore. Whether you prefer playing all-day or fun outings with an educational element, family time will never be the same again.

With so many things to see and do at any one time, it is truly a city that never seems to sleep.

SGD (Singapore Dollar)

Useful Telephone numbers: -

  • Police: - 999 (toll-free)
  • Emergencies/Ambulance/Fire Brigade: - 995 (toll-free).
  • STB Tourist line (24-hr automated tourist information system) 1800 736 2000 (toll-free in Singapore only)
  • CitySearch (operator-assisted Yellow Pages) (65) 1900 777 7777

Do’s & Don’ts: -

Donts: -

  • Drug abuse is viewed seriously in Singapore. Illegal traffic in narcotic drug is stringently prohibited.
  • Smoking is not permitted in public places. Offenders can be fined up to SGD 1,000.
  • Spitting in public places is an offence.
  • Food is not allowed in MRT, offenders will be fined up to SGD200.
  • Do not eat or offer anything with your left hand.
  • Do not point at someone with your index finger, which is considered very impolite.
  • Do not, for a Chinese descent, give clocks, handkerchiefs or flowers to as they are associated with death and funerals.

Dos: -

  • Do address someone using the title of Mr., Mrs. or Miss with the surname. Do not use first names unless you are invited to.
  • Do shake hands for a warm greeting, but be aware that Malays will not always shake hands. Muslims will not shake hands with the opposite sex. Do give a slight bow for older Chinese people.
  • Do remove your shoes while entering a private home, a temple or a mosque.
  • Do leave a little on the plate when you have finished eating.
  • Do be conservative in your behavior. Dress conservatively for business functions and dress casual in other situations.
  • Do have coins with you when you need to use the public toilet.
  • Do stay on the left side of the escalator. The right lane is for all those people in a rush. Do drive on the left hand side too.

Sentosa – More than 5 million people visit Sentosa every year and the numbers still increasing year after year. Located fifteen minutes away from the city, is address for many themed attractions, green rainforest, world class Golf courses and world class resorts and hotels. Just to name a few attractions: beaches, Song of the Sea, Resorts World Sentosa, Under water world and dolphin Lagoon, Skyline Luge Sentosa, etc.

Universal Studios - It is a part of Resorts World Sentosa, which opened its gate for the world in Singapore in 2010. More than 20 rides and attractions, inspiring from smash hit movies. Relive the era of dinosaurs in Jurassic Park or get amused by Shrek and his team and many others are waiting for you at this amazing place, in one word fun for the whole family.

Night Safari – It is a never miss experience and one of the best attractions of Singpaore. More than 12 awards received by them by Singapore Tourism over the years. This park separated into 7 geographical zones, can be explored by walking trails, by walk or by tram. Watch more than 120 species of animals in their natural habitat.

Jurong Bird Park – More than 9,00,000 people visit JBP every year, largest bird park in the area, accommodating more than 370 species of birds. For kids many attractions including Birds of Play guarantee a good time with lots of fun.

Singapore Flyer – See whole of Singapore from the top of one of the largest ferry wheel in the world. Most iconic attraction of Singapore, now come with Journey of Dreams, a multimedia showcase which provides you better understanding of Singapore flyer with a sense of wonderment and awe.

Singapore Science Centre – It is highly praised as one of the apex Science centres in the world, receives more than a million visitors every year. People of all ages come and experience the unique environment here. More than one thousand exhibits, including Harry Potter attracts children of all age. Truly, a visit to SSC is not to be missed in Singapore.

G Max Reverse Bungy – Feeling New Zealand Adrenalin in Singapore??? You must be at G Max Reverse Bungy. Located in Clarke Quay, this is a place where all adventure enthusiasts satisfy their thirst.

Indian Restaurants: -

There are more than 200 Indian restaurants in Singapore, just to name a few: -
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